Guide Lines

Guide Lines for Authors:

*Preparation of the research paper.

*Title, name of the author, affiliation and abstract.

*Research papers/Article/Note etc. should not exceed 20 pages. In the research paper maps, drawing and photographs can be used and should be sent as separate files.

*Research paper should be typed in Hindi Script KRUTIDEV 010 with font size 14 and English TIMES NEW ROMAN with font size 010 and 1.5 line space.

*All references cited within the research paper should be given at the end; by following the format as under; 

*Style of references/ format of citations.*References within research paper should be cited as; if single; (Dwivedi, 1999) if more; (Dwivediet al., 1999) if two; (Dwivedi and Kumar, 1999). For more than one reference of the same author from single year should be written as (Dwivedi et al., 1999 a, b).

*Reference for research article. Pradhan, Atula Kumar (2014), New light on rare coins from Pachrahi excavation, Prag Samiksha, 1(2): p

*Reference for newspaper article. Vijpuriya, Nandkishor (2012, December 28), Temple architecture of Padavali.“City Bhaskar, Gwalior” Dainik Bhaskar, p

*Government publications, reports related to the use of references. Annual Report (2011-2012), University Grants Commission, Government of India, p Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017), Planning, Economics and Statistics Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Volume – I, p.

*References of edited books/Proceedings. Pandy R.P. (1994); Rock art discoveries around Gwalior, Midhra P.K. (Ed.); Heritage of India: Past and Present, Agam Kala Prakashan, Delhi, p

*References of book: R. N. Mishra (2002) Bhartiya Murtikala ka Itihas, ShilpiGranth, p

*Book Chapter: Kumar, Lallesh (2015) A Review of Sculpture in Gopadri. In: Dwivedi S. K. (Ed.) Gwalior: A Review, Samya Publication, Gwalior, p

*References for Dictionary. Fredrick w. Bounce (2001); A Dictionary of Buddhist and Hindu Iconography, D.K. Print world, New Delhi, p

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